About the Game

Hunt for the Lost Folktales is an indie game in development inspired by folktale stories from around the world, the monstrous origins of where these folktale beasts come from, battles with these fearsome beasts in turn based combat, and exploring the wilderness.This a passion project of mine combining drawing mythical beasts, learning about folktales, and game development.A bit about me, I'm working on this indie game in my personal time so bear with me as I try to post the game's progress every 1-2 weeks on the other social media linked below.

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  • Battle Folktale Beasts in Turn based Combat

  • Explore the Woodlands by Following Pawprint & Scent Trails

  • Recruit, Upgrade, and Fight alongside your own Party of Folktales

  • Defeat challenging Fearsome Ancients to seal those Story Rifts

  • Capture Long Lost Folktale Stories so they can Live on in Memory

Fear Stacking Turn Based Combat

Damage based attacks only deal 1 damage but you can build up bonus damage by inflicting fear onto your enemies.

Fear based attacks add to a character's fear meter which contributes to bonus damage against that afflicted character.

Knockback attacks can push characters into environmental hazards and traps that you've laid out in free roam mode.

Status Effects
Status effect attacks can stack up debuffs that deal damage over time or build up fear.

Summons are specialized actions that some beasts possess that add minions onto the battlefield to assist them in combat.

Hunting Trails

Following Trails
- Every beast has their own distinct scent and pawprint trail.
- Discover new trail types as you capture and return folktale beasts back to the Library.
- Follow the right trail in each level to track down the Elite version of that folktale type.

Plant your Battlegrounds

Wisp Nature Swatch
- Your Wisp companion gains a new nature swatch ability after each boss you defeat.
- Use these abilities to change the environment around you to plan your combat approach.
- Setup traps, sparking tinder trails, poisonous mushroom patches, and ambush thickets.

Recruit Folktales to your Party

Recruit, Upgrade, and Fight
- On your hunting adventure, you will encounter uncorrupted folktales that only wish to remember their name.
- Help them find themselves in their story quest and they will join you on your journey to aid you in combat.

Challenging Battles with the Ancients

Fight Monstrous Bosses
- In each region, there is an ancient folktale that has awakened and is corrupting other folktales to escape their stories to take root in their region, causing mayhem to all who enter their realm.
- Defeat folktales in the region to learn more about the Ancient, follow the trail to find their lair, and defeat them in a challenging boss battle.

Story Premise

About folktales...
📚Folktales are a way to teach life lessons by turning negative human behaviors into physical manifestations deemed as monsters.
🐺Our main protagonist is cursed to become the very beast that they hunted.

In the beginning...
🐑As peasants turned forests into farmland and domesticated animals, the wolves from the woodlands began attacking their sheep flocks.
🧑🌾Sheep herders bribed the local huntress, skilled in tracking and trapping beasts of all kinds, to take care of their wolf problem.
🏹Upon hunting the wolf pack, our huntress was bitten before their last arrow snuffed the life out of the last wolf of the pack.
🐺Trekking back to the village to collect their payment, but as our huntress emerged from the trees a peasant screamed "Wolf!" and arrows began firing in their direction.

Where in the world...
🩸Retreating back into the woodlands, our huntress finds themselves injured and bleeding out from the arrows protruding from their back.
🍄Wandering through the thicket of trees, they finds themselves in a small clearing and collapses inside a ring of mushrooms, losing consciousness.
📚Upon awakening to a blinding light, our huntress is surrounded by columns upon columns of bookcases filled with books and a little flittering will o' wisp.

To be or not to be a folktale in the making...
📜 An Owl greeted the huntress and introduced themselves as a Scribe for the Library of Long Lost Tales.
📖Upon hearing the huntress' story, instead of inscribing it into another book, the Owl Scribe offered them a trade instead.
✨Recover the lost folktale stories for them and they shall return them back to their former self before the curse.

The journey begins...
🐺🐾Hunt these lost folktales, return their stories to the Library, and discover the source of the Story Rifts where the folktales have been escaping from.

Follow the indie game development on my other social medias